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Segundo NivelLeccion Preliminar B

Caminando por Sevilla

This chapter has reviewed the words and expressions needed to talk about cities and to give directions from one place to another. Let's put this knowledge to use by visiting a Web site on the Spanish-speaking city Sevilla, in southern Spain.

  1. The purpose of this activity is to tell where different sites of interest are located in Sevilla and to give directions to get from one site to another. To do this, we'll look at several online maps, each of which will focus on a different section of the city.

    When you view the first map, try to find the sites described in the first column of the table below. In the second column, indicate which site it is by selecting the appropriate name.

    Dónde Sitio
    en la esquina de Antonio Díaz y el Paseo de Cristóbal Colón
    en la calle Temporado detrás del Teatro de la Maestranza
    delante del Hospital de la Caridad
    al lado izquierdo del Museo Contemporáneo

  2. Let's look at another part of the city. This time you are given a site, and you have to indicate where it is located.

    Sitio Dónde
    la Casa de las Dueñas
    el Convento San Leandro
    La Casa Pilatos
    el Templo de la Anunciación

  3. Find a partner and play a game called ¿Adónde voy? The object of this game is to give your partner directions from one place to another on the map.

    First, your partner picks a starting point and tells you where it is on the map. Next, you pick another point on the map, but don't tell your partner where it is. Instead, give directions to guide him or her to the destination; you may have to repeat or clarify your directions if your partner is headed the wrong way.

    Once your partner has made it, switch roles. Choose another starting and ending point on the same map, or select another map by clicking on the navigation arrows to the right of the map.