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Segundo NivelLeccion Preliminar C

Los productos de La Sirena

In this chapter, you have been reviewing the words and expressions needed to go shopping. Let's surf the net to an online department store in the Dominican Republic and see what we can buy there.

  1. This activity focuses on the products offered at a department store in the Dominican Republic called La Sirena. Do they have the same kinds of products that you would find in department stores in the U.S.? Which products are different from what we have here?

    Your task is to browse through the online catalog of La Sirena in search of:
    1. items that are similar to products that you find in U.S. department stores
    2. items that you would not be able to find in U.S. department stores
    When you arrive at the main Web site of La Sirena, click on Departamentos. Next, you will see a list of the departments of the store, with some of the items that you might find there. To explore these items in greater detail, click on a department.

  2. Let's compare those items from La Sirena that are similar to U.S. items. If you don't understand a word or expression, try to guess the meaning from the picture of the item. Enter the name of the product in the first column of the table below. Enter the name of the equivalent U.S. product in the second column.

    Producto de La Sirena Producto norteamericano equivalente

  3. Now scan through the online catalog again. This time, try to identify those items that you believe to be different from what's available in U.S. supermarkets. Enter the names of these items in the table below. Note that there are five spaces in the table, but it's OK if you don't find that many.

    Productos diferentes de La Sirena

  4. In general, how does La Sirena compare to U.S. department stores in terms of the products available? Survey five of your classmates to find out what they have discovered. Ask them which products might also be found in the U.S. and which products might not. On a sheet of paper, keep track of the number of similar and different products that they mention. You may follow the sample dialogue below:


    Estudiante A: ¿Cuáles de los productos tenemos aquí en los Estados Unidos?

    Estudiante B: Tenemos libros, flores, televisores …

    Estudiante A: ¿Cuáles de los productos no tenemos aquí?

    Estudiante B: No tenemos …


    After completing the survey, what results have you found? How many items can be found in the U.S.? How many different items have people found? In general, is La Sirena similar to or different from U.S. department stores?