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¿Qué tiempo hace en Colombia?

Chapter one is about weather. You are learning how to describe weather and understand weather reports and meteorological maps. In this activity, you'll surf the net to find out what the weather is like in various cities of Colombia.

  1. Let's surf the net to find out what the current weather conditions are in the different cities in Colombia. Use the information that you will find at the following Web site to complete the table in section B.

  2. In the table you will find several cities in Colombia. Select the city you are looking for, then click on it.

    Note that the temperatures are given in Celsius, which is the scale that is used in Spain and Latin American countries. If you're curious as to how these temperatures translate into the scale that we use in the U.S., here's how to convert Celsius into Fahrenheit:

    Example: 35°Celsius
    1. Divide by 5 … 35 ÷ 5 = 7
    2. Multiply by 9 … 7 × 9 = 63
    3. Add 32 … 63 + 32 = 95° Fahrenheit

    Ciudad Temperatura
    Pronóstico para mañana
    Rio Negro °C °C
    Cartagena °C °C
    Santa Fe de Bogotá °C °C
    Cali °C °C
    Pasto °C °C
    Cúcuta °C °C
    Montería °C °C
    Popayán °C °C

  3. Now find a partner and ask each other the following questions about the weather in various cities of Colombia. Be sure to answer in Spanish.
    1. ¿Dónde hace más calor?
    2. ¿Dónde hace menos calor?
    3. ¿Qué ciudad tiene el mejor clima (best weather)?
    4. ¿Qué ciudad tiene el peor clima (worst weather)?
    5. ¿Qué ciudad tiene un clima semejante a (similar to) tu ciudad?