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Segundo NivelLeccion 2

¿Cómo son los monumentos guatemaltecos?

One thing you are learning how to do in chapter 2 is to describe objects and people. In Activity C on page 104, you described several monuments from Mexico and Chile. Now let's have a look at some more Latin American monuments and places, but this time we'll surf the net to Guatemala!

  1. In this activity, you will be looking at images taken from four different cities of Guatemala: Quetzaltenango, Tikal, Ciudad de Guatemala and Huehuetenango. Before we see the pictures, let's find where these cities are located in Guatemala.

  2. The table below will let you see the images. The first column lists the city. Click on the name in the second column to see an image of the monument or place. In the third column, complete the sentence by providing two adjectives to describe what you have seen.

    Don't forget that adjectives must agree with the nouns they modify. For example: La casa es vieja vs. Los palacios son bonitos.

    Ciudad Monumento o lugar ¿Cómo es?
    Quetzaltenango Teatro Municipal El Teatro Municipal es .
    Tikal Gran Jaguar El Gran Jaguar es .
    Ciudad de Guatemala Catedral La Catedral es .
    Ciudad de Guatemala Palacio Nacional El Palacio Nacional es .
    Huehuetenango Ruinas de Zaculeu Las Ruinas de Zaculeu son .

  3. As you know, people often have different opinions about things. For example, your classmates may have given descriptions of the monuments and places above that are somewhat different from your own descriptions. Let's find out!

    Conduct a survey of your class to find out how different people have described the monuments and places of Guatemala. Interview five classmates and write down their responses on a piece of paper. Ask these questions in the interviews:

    1. En tu opinión, ¿cómo es El Teatro Municipal de Quetzaltenango?
    2. En tu opinión, ¿cómo es El Gran Jaguar de Tikal?

    After conducting the survey, do you notice any trends in the class' descriptions? What adjectives are most frequently used to describe each monument or place? Summarize your findings by completing the table below:

    Ciudad Monumento o lugar Adjetivos más frecuentes
    Quetzaltenango Teatro Municipal
    Tikal Gran Jaguar
    Ciudad de Guatemala Catedral
    Ciudad de Guatemala Palacio Nacional
    Huehuetenango Ruinas de Zaculeu