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Segundo NivelLeccion 5

La habitación ideal

In this chapter you have practiced describing furniture and items in a room. Now let's imagine that you will be spending the upcoming year in Spain, and your host family is planning to remodel your bedroom. Since you are an experienced Internet surfer, the family has written to ask for your help. They want you to search the Internet for some furniture advertisements and then write back telling them what you have found.

  1. You will be exploring an interactive online catalog of the furniture company Muebles Hermida, which is based in northwest Spain. When you arrive at the main page of the site, click on Catálogo to view a catalog of what the company has to offer. You will then see pictures of six different furniture models: Duo, Gala, Sara, Calypso, Cela, and Nepal. Your task will be to choose one model to recommend to your host family.

  2. After viewing each picture, select the one that you like the most. In the box below, write a brief description of the model for your host family. Be sure to include such information as: the pieces of furniture and other objects, their position in the room, the color scheme, and why you like this particular model.

    La compañía Muebles Hermida tiene un modelo que me gusta mucho. En esta habitación hay

  3. Let's see how accurate your description is by playing a guessing game. First, make sure you have not mentioned the name of the model (e.g., Duo, Gala, Sara, etc.); that would give it away! Now find a partner and show him or her what you have written. See if your partner can guess which of the six models you have chosen based on your description. Switch roles and try to guess which model your partner has described.