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Segundo NivelLeccion 6

Tu casa o apartamento ideal: ¿existe o no?

In this chapter you have worked with classified ads describing houses and apartments. You were also asked to consider what your ideal residence would be like. The goal of this activity is to see if your dream house or apartment actually exists! You will search online classified ads of real estate agencies in Aragua, Venezuela, and then try to find the ad that most closely matches your ideal residence.

  1. Before going online, let's review the characteristics of your ideal house or apartment. In the table below, you will find a list of features that you might see in real estate ads. First, type in the ideal number of bedrooms and bathrooms that your house or apartment should have. Then, rank the relative importance of each characteristic by checking the appropriate button in the right column according to the following key:
    Tiene mucha importancia. It's very important.
    Tiene bastante importancia. It's rather important.
    Tiene poca importancia. It's not very important.

    Las características de mi residencia ideal
    Característica Importancia
    dormitorio(s) mucha bastante poca
    baño(s) mucha bastante poca
    cocina mucha bastante poca
    comedor mucha bastante poca
    sala de estar mucha bastante poca
    aire acondicionado mucha bastante poca
    residencia ya amueblada mucha bastante poca
    estacionamiento mucha bastante poca
    garaje mucha bastante poca
    jardín mucha bastante poca
    piscina mucha bastante poca
    terraza mucha bastante poca

  2. In this activity, you will visit the Web site Aragua Online. This site contains online classified ads for apartments and houses. Click on Apartamento or Casa from the list to see descriptions of available residences. Can you find a house or apartment that has all or most of the characteristics that you consider important?

  3. Once you have found the ad that most closely fits the description of your ideal house or apartment, write a brief summary in the space below. Tell where the residence is located and describe its features. Also, indicate whether the residence is like your ideal house or apartment by comparing the features listed in the ad with those you listed in section A.