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Segundo NivelLeccion 7

¿Qué quieres mirar en la televisión?

At the beginning of this chapter, you saw a picture of La calle de la Ronda, a characteristic street of Quito, Ecuador. Now imagine that you are visiting your pen pal in Quito. Together, you are planning activities for the upcoming weekend. In addition to exploring the city and visiting museums, you also want to see what Ecuadorean television is like. In this activity, you will consult an online television program schedule. Your task is to make a list of programs that you would like to see, including the dates and starting times.

  1. You will be visiting TVCable Ecuador, a Web site created to provide detailed information about Ecuador's national cable TV service.

  2. Your task is to choose three programs that you are interested in watching Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Three charts follow in which you will enter this information. First, type in the date and month for each table, for example: Viernes 23 de mayo. Then, for each program, type its starting time, channel (canal) and the name of the program.

    NOTE: The Web site lists starting times in a 24-hour format. You will need to convert these to 12-hour conversational times. Also, the "h" that appears in the starting times stands for hora and is a standard way of indicating a 24-hour time format. You may simply substitute a colon when converting to a 12-hour format.

    Viernes de
    Hora Canal Programa

    Sábado de
    Hora Canal Programa

    Domingo de
    Hora Canal Programa

  3. Now find a partner and compare the programs you have chosen. Have you chosen some of the same programs? Do you notice many American programs? You may wish to follow the sample dialogue given below:

    Estudiante A: Este sábado, yo quiero mirar "Rocky" a las diez y media de la noche en el canal TNT. ¿Y tú?

    Estudiante B: Este sábado, yo quiero mirar…