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Vamos a practicar en deporte

As you have read in this chapter, exercise is important if we want to stay healthy and fit. Practicing a sport is one way to do so. Let's find out how they go about this in Palencia, Spain.

  1. In this activity, you will visit a Web site that describes various sporting activities offered in the city. As you will see at the Patronato Municipal de Deportes Web site, there are many ways to get your exercise in Palencia! Your task is to choose five activities that you would like to pursue if you were to spend time in Palencia on a study abroad program.

    When you arrive at the Web site, choose an activity from the Cursos deportivos list to see information about days, times, and levels offered. You will use this information to complete the chart in section B. Note that for many sports there are classes offered for three levels of difficulty, ranging from Beginning (Iniciación), to Intermediate (Medio), to Advanced (Perfeccionamiento).

  2. Choose five sporting activities that interest you and provide the necessary information below. Enter the name of the sport and the time that it is offered. Select the days of the week and the level from the pop-up menus.

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  3. Now let's jump ahead one year into the future! Imagine that you have spent the past year in Palencia on that study abroad program. Every week, you got to practice three of the five sports that you listed above. Find a classmate and tell him or her which sports you practiced every week, on what days and at what time. Remember: since you're describing a repeated and habitual action in the past, you should use the imperfect. Below is a sample dialogue:

    Estudiante A: ¿Qué deportes practicabas el año pasado en Palencia?

    Estudiante B: Yo jugaba al fútbol todos los martes y jueves a las cinco de la tarde. Los lunes, practicaba el Tai-Chi a las dos y media.