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Segundo NivelLeccion 11

¿Hacemos ejercicio?

In chapter 11, you learned how to talk about your health. One essential ingredient to maintaining good health is exercise. In this activity, you will explore a sports club in Argentina, where many members get their exercise.

  1. The sports club is called CLUB DEPORTIVO ESPAÑOL and it is located in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The Club was formed in 1959 as an athletic, social, and cultural environment for soccer enthusiasts immigrating to Argentina from Spain. Your task is to explore this Web site in search of activities offered at the club and to choose three activities that interest you.

    When you arrive at the Web site, click on Actividades at the left to see some of the activities available at the club. Use this information to complete the chart in section B below. Click on Instalaciones to visit the site for each type of recreation available.

  2. Choose three activities that interest you and indicate these in the chart below.

    En el Club Universitario, me interesa…

  3. Now that you have chosen three activities, survey your classmates to find out which ones are most popular. Keep track of their responses on a separate sheet of paper. You may follow the sample dialogue below.

    Estudiante A: ¿Cuáles de las actividades te interesan en el Club Universitario?

    Estudiante B: Me interesa… ¿Y tú? ¿Cuáles de las actividades te interesan?

    Estudiante A: Pues, a mí me interesan…

    Based on your survey results, what are the three most popular activities? Type them in the chart below:

    Las tres actividades más populares del Club Universitario son…