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Segundo NivelLeccion 13

De vacaciones en Acapulco

In this chapter, you read about Miguel Martínez, who went with his family to Acapulco and saw the cliff divers of La Quebrada. Let's find out what else there is to do there.

  1. In this activity, you will visit a Web site dedicated to tourism and entertainment in Acapulco. The Web site gives information about where to stay, where to eat, as well as what to do in the area. Your task is to create a 5-day itinerary of activities.

    First, take a look at the chart in section B. You will need to find information from the Acapulco Web site to complete this chart. When you arrive at the Web site, follow the links that you see.

  2. For each day of your itinerary, type the name of the place that you want to visit, as well as one or two things that you plan to do there. For example:

      Lugar Actividades
    Día 1 La Quebrada ver a los clavadistas, esquiar

    To begin your itinerary, click on Hoteles, and select where you plan to stay. Record a couple of possible activities at your hotel.

    Then return to the general Acapulco Web site. Click on the other links to select the restaurants, sports events, discos, tourist attractions, etc., and create the perfect itinerary for your Acapulco vacation while recording a couple of things to enjoy at each location.

    Notice that since you're just listing activities in the chart, you may write the infinitive forms of the verbs.

      Lugar Actividades
    Día 1
    Día 2
    Día 3
    Día 4
    Día 5

  3. Let's imagine that you went to Acapulco and had a wonderful time doing all the things you had planned. Now that you've just gotten back from your trip, you discover that some of your classmates were there the same time that you were.

    Interview several of your classmates to find out what they did during their trip. Remember that since you're talking about what happened in the past, you should use the preterite form. You may follow the sample dialogue below:

    Estudiante A: ¿Qué hiciste en Acapulco?

    Estudiante B: El primer día, llegué al hotel Boca Chica. ¿En qué hotel te quedaste?

    Estudiante A: ¡Me quedé en el hotel Boca Chica también! ¿Qué hiciste después?

    Estudiante B: Fui al restaurante La Cabaña y comí mariscos. ¿Dónde comiste tú?

    Estudiante A: Comí en el restaurante El Zorrito, un restaurante de comida mexicana.


    Did any of your classmates visit the same places as you did? Did anyone do some of the same activities as you?