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Segundo NivelLeccion 15

¿Qué deportes quieres practicar?

The Lectura Cultural on pages 406–407 states that many different sports are practiced in the Hispanic world. As you will see, many of these sports are offered at school, just as they are in the United States. Let's visit a university in Mexico to see what sports students can practice.

  1. Imagine that you are planning to spend some time as an exchange student in Mexico after you graduate. In addition to practicing your Spanish and learning about Mexican culture, you would also like to keep physically active during your stay. Luckily, the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México offers many sports and activities.

    The goal of this activity is to choose the sports that interest you and to develop a schedule indicating when you can participate in them at the university. To do this, you will visit a Web site that lists the available sports.

    When you arrive at the Web site, click on Deporte Competitivo. You will find the following types of sports:
    Deportes de conjunto team sports
    Deportes no competitivos non-competitive sports
    Deportes individuales individual sports

    Click on an item to see more information about that particular sport. Specifically, you want to know the times and days of the week that you can practice the sport. Scroll down to the section entitled Horarios de entrenamiento to find this information, which you will use in section B. (Note that the times are given in 24-hour format.)

  2. After you have identified at least three sports or activities that interest you, create a schedule indicating when and how often you will practice them during the week. You may have to select another sport if one that you chose cannot fit into your schedule.

    In the chart below, list the sports you have chosen in the column on the left. Indicate when you will practice each sport by typing the beginning and ending times in the blanks under the appropriate days of the week.

      lunes martes miércoles jueves viernes sábado
    Deporte #1:

    Deporte #2:

    Deporte #3:

  3. Find a partner and compare your schedules by asking each other what sports you are going to practice and when. You may follow the sample dialogue below:

    Estudiante A: ¿Qué deportes vas a practicar?

    Estudiante B: Voy a jugar al tenis, al fútbol, y también voy a practicar el Tae Kwon Do.

    Estudiante A: ¿Cuándo vas a jugar al tenis?

    Estudiante B: Voy a jugar al tenis los lunes, de las 13:00 horas hasta las 14:00 horas.


    Have you chosen similar sports? How do your schedules compare?