Ya veras! Gold

Para Profesores

What Teachers Say…

"I love how this material lets kids take over and do the talking. It also adjusts to students' ability levels and allows for creativity."
Katy Armagost
Mt. Vernon High School
Mt. Vernon, WA

"I am pleased to see that the text is communicatively based. I feel that the material is presented in a meaningful, manageable manner. The students are not bombarded with grammar conjugations or lists of new words to memorize. By allowing them to first see and use the new material in context and ending with some formal grammatical explanations, you are encouraging the students to do the same, use language in a meaningful way!"
Jody Hayes Spoor
Tom C. Clark High School
San Antonio, TX

"I loved what I saw in your program, with specific reference to your culture and your readings. They were updated and of high student interest. I liked the fact that you emphasized the importance of cultures of both peninsular Spain and the Spanish-American countries. Vocabulary and idiomatic expressions were current. The realia was also excellent. I also felt that your support materials were appropriately placed in the teacher text, for maximum teaching efficiency. Grammar and reading materials in your text are appropriately spaced for variety and less boredom throughout the chapters. I would definitely use this edition rather than our present text."
Mala Levine
St. Margaret's Episcopal School
San Juan Capistrano, CA

"Students acquire the language through a natural progression, and the recycling of the material reminds students that there is a focus and inter-relatedness of linguistic functions and patterns. ¡Ya verás! is user friendly! It is very easy for me to plan as well as present new material."
Kristin Warner
Piper High School
Sunrise, FL

"Thank God for clear, matter-of-fact, small dosage grammar presentations like those in ¡Ya verás! They are well explained. Examples are clear. Exercises are helpful and well-focused."
Patricia J. Shafchuk
Hudson High School
Hudson, FL

"The interdisciplinary lessons are very effective in helping students to learn and understand Spanish along with learning other important information from other subject areas. By working in groups, the stronger students are able to help the weaker students grasp the material and communicate effectively through modeling. This seems like a great approach to learning Spanish. If used in its entirety, it would lead to effective communication with long-term retention. I would love to use this program in my classes."
Louanne Grimes
Apollo Junior High School
Richardson, TX

"I believe the contexts provided in ¡Ya verás! will help motivate students to learn because they are interesting and deal within the realm of the students' world, themselves, and their families."
Courtenay Biser-Suárez
Montwood High School
El Paso, TX

"The realistic contexts for language learning will help student motivation because students will find themselves in a real life situation sooner or later! ¡Ya verás! does provide language learning experiences that will help the students deal with this type of situation."
Juan M. De León
Memorial High School
McAllen, TX