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Using Similar Figures


Finding Missing Lengths

With similar figures, you can use proportions to find missing side lengths.

Example 2 Finding a Missing Measure Algebra logo

detail via d link.dThe two triangles at the right are similar. Find the value of x.

detail via d linkd

You can use indirect measurement to measure distances that are difficult to measure directly. You can do this using proportions and similar triangles.

Example 3 Real-World globe Problem Solving

Indirect MeasurementA 6-ft person standing near a flagpole has a shadow 4.5 ft long. The flagpole has a shadow 15 ft long. What is the height of the flagpole?

detail via d linkdDraw a diagram like the one at the right. Let x represent the height of the flagpole.

detail via d linkd

The height of the flagpole is 20 ft.

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