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FAQ Question 14:

How do I find out more about a resource listed?

  1. To see a description of any item in your lesson plan:
    In the Lesson Plan window, click on the Detail tab to see a description of all the resources listed in the Lesson Plan Summary Window.

    Click this tab to see the descriptions of the resources in the Lesson Plan summary.
  • Use these tabs to locate the resource. Select the resource.
    Click this button to see a description of the Prentice Hall Lesson Resource.
  1. Planning Express will display the description of the resource you have selected.


  2. To view any document in the Additional Resources:
    Finally, copies of many of the resources in the Planning Express are contained on the Resource Pro CD-ROM. You can view these resources by selecting the resource you want to see from the Additional Resources: Lesson Resources or Resource Library and clicking the View button.

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