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FAQ Question 20:

How do I download a Local Objectives file from the Internet?

All state specific Local Objectives files are available from the State Resources pages of the Prentice Hall School Web site. To download the appropriate file for your state and the discipline that you teach, follow these steps.

  • Go to the Prentice Hall School home page.
  • Select your state from the State Resources pull-down menu and click the arrow button.
  • On the page for your state, click the link for the Standards-based Lessons in the Resource Locator box on the left. Then, choose Lesson Plans Correlated to Your State Standards.
  • Here you may find a Resource Pro section for your subject area. Select your program for the Local Objectives file you want to download.
  • To download, click the appropriate file for your computer platform.

    Macintosh Users: If the file does not automatically expand, double-click on the *.sea file that you just downloaded. The *.peo file should now appear in the same location as the *.sea file.

    Windows Users: Double-click on the *.exe file that you just downloaded and follow the simple instructions that appear. One step will ask you which folder you want to extract the file to; the default is usually C:\WINDOWS, but you can select another location. The *.peo file should now appear in the location you selected.

    Mac users should have the Stuffit Expander utility to expand the file.

Still having trouble? Here are troubleshooting tips.

FAQ Question 21:

How can I add state or local objectives in one easy step?

By Importing an objectives file for an entire course, you can obtain an instant correlation of each Prentice Hall lesson to your local or state objectives. To import a local objectives file, launch the appropriate version of Resource Pro, click on Local Objectives, then follow the steps shown below.

Choose Import Local Objectives.

Select a .peo file to import. Then click "Open."

After Importing Local Objectives, any Class file or lesson plans that you subsequently create in Planning Express will contain the objectives you have imported. The objectives will appear with each lesson that you schedule.


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