Resource Pro/Teacher Express Local Objectives


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Language Arts

Prentice Hall Literature: Timeless Voices, Timeless Themes
Utah Elementary Language Arts Core Curriculum
Copper Level ©2005 (Gr. 6), Mac
Copper Level ©2005 (Gr. 6), Win

Prentice Hall Writing and Grammar: Communication in Action
Utah State Correlation Standards
Copper Level ©2001 (Gr. 6), Mac
Copper Level ©2001 (Gr. 6), Win
Bronze Level ©2001 (Gr. 7), Mac
Bronze Level ©2001 (Gr. 7), Win
Silver Level ©2001 (Gr. 8), Mac
Silver Level ©2001 (Gr. 8), Win
Gold Level ©2001 (Gr. 9), Mac
Gold Level ©2001 (Gr. 9), Win
Platinum Level ©2001 (Gr. 10), Mac
Platinum Level ©2001 (Gr. 10), Win
Ruby Level ©2001 (Gr. 11), Mac
Ruby Level ©2001 (Gr. 11), Win
Diamond Level ©2001 (Gr. 12), Mac
Diamond Level ©2001 (Gr. 12), Win


Prentice Hall Mathematics
Utah Core Curriculum for Mathematics, Processes of Teaching and Learning Mathematics and Elementary Algebra Standards
Pre-Algebra ©2004 (High School), Mac
Pre-Algebra ©2004 (High School), Win
Algebra 1 ©2004 (High School), Mac
Algebra 1 ©2004 (High School), Win
Geometry ©2004 (Gr. 9–12), Mac
Geometry ©2004 (Gr. 9–12), Win
Algebra 2 ©2004 (Gr. 9–12), Mac
Algebra 2 ©2004 (Gr. 9–12), Win

Social Studies

Utah Core Standards for United States Government & Citizenship and American Government and Law
Magruder's American Government ©2003 (Gr. 9–12), Mac
Magruder's American Government ©2003 (Gr. 9–12), Win

Utah Core Standards for Geography for Life
World Geography: Building a Global Perspective ©2003 (Gr. 9–12), Mac
World Geography: Building a Global Perspective ©2003 (Gr. 9–12), Win

America: Pathways to the Present
Utah Core Standards for Social Studies United States History II
Modern American History ©2003 (Gr. 9–12), Mac
Modern American History ©2003 (Gr. 9–12), Win

The American Nation
Utah Core Standards for Social Studies, United States History
Beginnings Through 1877 ©2003 (Gr. 8), Mac
Beginnings Through 1877 ©2003 (Gr. 8), Win

World History: Connections to Today
Utah Core Content Standards for Social Studies World Civilizations
Survey ©2003 (Gr. 9–12), Mac
Survey ©2003 (Gr. 9–12), Win