Resource Pro

Planning Tools

Planning Tools

Lesson Planning Software.

Electronic versions of teaching resources.

Test software for creating tests and worksheets.

The Resource Pro suite of tools includes:

  • Planning Express®–A powerful scheduling program that allows you to schedule lessons days, weeks, or months in advance. You can also customize your calendar by blocking out certain days (e.g., holidays, professional development days, etc.).

  • Local Objectives Editor–A sophisticated database tool that allows you to customize all of your lesson plans to include state and local objectives.

  • Teaching Resources Library–Electronic versions of all teaching resources (practice pages, enrichments, etc.). These files are saved as Acrobat Reader® PDF files. Acrobat Reader is installed by Resource Pro.

  • Test Bank Software–Create worksheets, tests, and other review materials. An electronic user's guide is also included.

  • Guided Tour–A helpful step-by-step overview of all the Resource Pro tools.

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