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Properties of Biomolecules
Concept 2: Classes of Biomolecules
Concept 3: Lipids
   Practice (1 page)
   Review (4 pages)
Concept 4: Carbohydrates
   Review (4 pages)
Concept 5: Proteins
   Review (9 pages)
Concept 6: Nucleic Acids
   Practice (1 page)
   Review (10 pages)
Concept 2: Classes of Biomolecules
The four major classes of biomolecules each have their own characteristic monomers and corresponding polymers.
Even though there are thousands of different types of molecules in a cell, there are only a few basic classes of biomolecules. The table below lists the major classes, all of which are covered in this Lab Simulations activity and are accessible by clicking the name in the table.
Monomer Polymer
Fatty acid *Diglyceride, triglyceride
Monosaccharide Polysaccharide
Amino acid Polypeptide (protein)
Nucleotide Nucleic acid (DNA, RNA)
* Diglycerides and triglycerides are made by dehydration synthesis from smaller molecules; this is not the same kind of end-to-end linking of similar monomers that qualifies as polymerization. Therefore, diglycerides and triglycerides are an exception to the term polymer in this table.