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Plant Structure and Growth
Concept 2: Plant Cell Structure
   Review (1 page)
Concept 5: Ground Tissues
   Review (2 pages)
Concept 6: Vascular Tissues
   Practice (1 page)
   Review (2 pages)
Concept 8: Primary Growth of Stems
   Practice (1 page)
Concept 9: Structure of Young Stems
   Practice (1 page)
Concept 11: Structure of Young Roots
   Practice (1 page)
Concept 13: Leaf Structure
   Practice (1 page)
Concept 16: Structure of Woody Stems
   Practice (2 pages)
Concept 5: Ground Tissues
The three types of ground tissue, parenchyma, collenchyma, and sclerenchyma, function in photosynthesis, storage, regeneration, support, and protection.
Use information from the table to help answer the questions below it.
Ground Tissue Parenchyma Tissue Collenchyma Tissue Sclerenchyma Tissue *
Function • Photosynthesis
• Food storage
• Healing and tissue regeneration
• Support in young stems, roots, and petioles • Rigid support
• Protection
Cell Types in This Tissue Parenchyma cells

Collenchyma cells

Sclereid cells & fiber cells
*Some texts include tracheids and vessels as components of sclerenchyma tissue.