LabBench Activity

Analysis of Results

After the pillbugs have been in the choice chamber for 10 minutes, you might observe one of these situations:

Pillbugs are crustaceans, and they respire through gills. Because of this characteristic, which situation would you predict to occur—A, B, or C?

Based on the previous information, and knowledge that pillbugs are found in moist environments, most people would predict situation B. This is often what occurs, but not always! Situations A and C are also common.

This brings us to an important consideration: The pillbug exercise is not a controlled experiment. Could there be more light at one end of the choice chamber? More activity and vibration? A chemical residue on one side? Any of these conditions and more could possibly influence the organism's behavior. Without a control, it is very risky to state a conclusion.

In the second part of the Animal Behavior lab, you design a controlled experiment.