LabBench Activity

Scientific Sketching

When you make a sketch of a pillbug, don't just draw an oval with a few squiggly legs—you are expected to do a scientific illustration similar to the sketch of an earthworm below.

You will need to draw your organism from various angles in order to record all the details.

Here are some tips for making an accurate sketch of your pillbug:

  1. Determine the relative proportions:
    1. width : length;
    2. height : length;
    3. distance between eyes : width of body;
    4. length of antennae : length of body.
  2. Count the number of body segments.
  3. Count the number of legs.
  4. Locate the eyes.
  5. Label the body parts.
  6. Note the size of the pillbug.

Now go on to study the pillbugs' response to their environment.