LabBench Activity

Design of the Experiment I

You now have an understanding of how cells are prepared for transformation. Before beginning the experiment, it's important to review the basics of sterile procedure.

Sterile Laboratory Procedure pipettesafety goggles

The techniques of sterile procedure apply to any activity in which you work with bacteria or fungi. Since you are working with E. coli bacteria in this laboratory, it is important that you not contaminate your work with any foreign bacteria or expose yourself to potentially hazardous bacteria. The chart below summarizes the basics of sterile procedure.

Always wash your hands and work surface before beginning.
Never have food on your work surface.
Always keep the lid of the petri dish on it or over it at all times. Microbes are everywhere!
Never lay the lid of the petri dish or culture tube on the lab bench.
Always open all sterile tools carefully.
Never touch the end of a tool that touches bacteria.
Always keep hair pulled back and use goggles when flame is present.
Never throw biohazard materials in the regular trash.
Always wash your hands thoroughly with soap and hot water before leaving the lab.

Now you're ready to begin the experiment.