California — Science Explorer Transparencies

Electronic PDF files of the transparencies can be downloaded for printing or viewing on-screen. These PDF files contain the full-color art of each transparency in the California Science Explorer program. Due to differences in download time among teachers, the transparencies have been grouped by unit for each of the books.

Focus on Life Science

Unit 1 Cell Biology and Genetics
Unit 2 Evolution and Earth's History
Unit 3 Structure and Function in Living Things
Unit 4 Human Body Systems

Focus on Earth Science

Unit 1 Plate Tectonics and Earth's Structure
Unit 2 Shaping Earth's Surface
Unit 3 Earth's Waters
Unit 4 Weather: Energy in the Earth System
Unit 5 Ecology and Resources

Focus on Physical Science

Unit 1 Motion, Forces, and Energy
Unit 2 Sound and Light
Unit 3 Electricity and Magnetism
Unit 4 Matter and Reactions
Unit 5 Astronomy: Earth in the Solar System