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Welcome to PHSchool's Web site for Scott Foresman-Addison Wesley Environmental Science. Check the table of contents below, where you can launch into information about each unit and unit project.

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The Science News Topics Page correlates recently published articles to the topics you are studying. The topics Energy and Energy Resources, Natural Resources and Pollution, and Ecology are especially relevant to this book.

Table of Contents

Unit 1: Studying Earth
Unit Project 1: Observing and Measuring Environmental Change
Chapter 1: Planet Earth
Chapter 2: Methods of Science
Chapter 3: Change in the Biosphere

Unit 2: Ecological Interactions
Unit Project 2: Observing Biodiversity of Bird Species
Chapter 4: Matter and Energy in the Ecosystem
Chapter 5: Interactions in the Ecosystem
Chapter 6: Ecosystem Balance

Unit 3: Biomes
Unit Project 3: Conducting an Ecological Transect
Chapter 7: Desert and Tundra Biomes
Chapter 8: Grassland Biomes
Chapter 9: Forest Biomes
Chapter 10: Freshwater Biomes
Chapter 11: The Ocean Biome

Unit 4: People in the Global Ecosystem
Unit Project 4: Mapping Land Use Patterns
Chapter 12: People and Their Needs
Chapter 13: Human Population
Chapter 14: Feeding the World

Unit 5: Energy Resources
Unit Project 5: Calculating Your Own Energy Budget
Chapter 15: Energy from Organic Fuels
Chapter 16: Nuclear Energy
Chapter 17: Alternative Energy Sources

Unit 6: Resources in the Biosphere
Unit Project 6: Monitoring Local Water Quality
Chapter 18: Minerals and Soils
Chapter 19: Land Pollution
Chapter 20: Water
Chapter 21: Water Pollution
Chapter 22: Air and Noise Pollution

Unit 7: Managing Human Impact
Unit Project 7: Designing a Sustainable City
Chapter 23: Habitat Destruction
Chapter 24: Toward a Sustainable Future
Chapter 25: Protecting the Environment