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Unit 3: Biomes

Virtual Biomes
This site explores the tundra, taiga, rain forest, desert, grassland, and temperate deciduous forest biomes of the world. Find out where these biomes are located and the names of the plants and animals that live in them. The exhibit from the Missouri Botanical Garden is accompanied by many illustrations of the landscape and life of these biomes.

Introduction to Biomes
This site is part of a module on biomes developed by Susan L. Woodward for the Virtual Geography Department Project and the Department of Geography at Radford University. It presents basic content on the distribution and nature of the world's major biomes. Study hints and critical-thinking questions follow each content unit.

Ocean Planet
Search or browse this enormous Smithsonian Institution site to see examples of ocean diversity, profiles of conservationists, and other photos and facts about marine biology and oceanography.

Unit Project 3: Conducting an Ecological Transect

This site contains a wealth of information about hundreds of terrestrial ecoregions throughout the world. More than 200 terrestrial and marine regions have been highlighted as the most critical regions for conservation.