Environmental Science © 03

Unit 7: Managing Human Impact

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
The EPA was founded in 1970 to protect human health and the environment. Their Web site is filled with resources about air, land, and water pollution, including information about environmental legislation, current EPA activities, and basic information on environmental issues. These resources include:

  • Concerned Citizens Resources: Find out what you can do to prevent pollution and conserve nonrenewable resources.
  • Students and Teachers: Access teaching aids and environmental facts on hazardous waste, pollution, and other environmental issues.

The Peregrine Fund
This organization was founded in 1970 to breed the endangered peregrine falcon for re-release into the wild. Based on their successful breeding programs, the Fund has taken other birds of prey under its wing, including the California condor and the bald eagle.

National Parks and Reserves in Costa Rica
Costa Rica sets aside a greater percentage of its land for parks and reserves than any other country in the world. To learn more about the wildlife of this country, take a virtual tour of the parks and reserves, courtesy of World Headquarters Travel Services.

The Nature Conservancy
Visit this site to learn about the organization's biodiversity protection and habitat restoration projects in the United States and around the world. You can search the site for references to habitat restoration or select Where We Work to find out about Nature Conservancy Preserves near you.

Unit Project 7: Designing a Sustainable City

Sustainable City
This Web site outlines a sustainable city plan developed for San Francisco. Topics include air quality, biodiversity, human health, parks, solid waste, and transportation.

Santa Monica Sustainability
This Web site contains similar material to the San Francisco site.