Special Report—United We Stand

Beyond September 11

The terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, stand as a turning point in United States history. Our nation's response has included significant changes in both foreign and domestic policy. As classroom teachers, you are at the forefront of helping students understand the impact of these changes and how they relate to the core values upon which our nation's heritage of unity is founded. We at Pearson Education are proud to offer you this Special Report as an expression of our commitment to support you in developing responsible citizens.

Added especially to help you provide coverage of the new Department of Homeland Security:

Upholding the American Spirit: Posters and Lesson Plans

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International Terrorism Hits Home
Twelve Months of Events Since 9/11: A Time Line
Afghanistan Update
Afghanistan: A Brief History
Current Events

Recovery and Remembrance: Information about the clean-up and recovery of the crash sites, plus a look at September 11 memorials. Background Information on September 11: Time lines, maps, information on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, Afghanistan, the Taliban, Osama bin Laden, and more. Primary Sources: First-person accounts from heroes at the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, student perspectives, picture galleries, and more. The United States Responds: A collection of key presidential speeches in the wake of September 11, congressional legislation related to the attacks, and more. Classroom Lessons and Resources: Classroom lessons on understanding prejudice and students' responses to the terrorist attacks, the American's Creed, and more.