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What is Biology: Exploring Life?
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What is BIOLOGY Exploring Life?
Chapter-Level Table of Contents

Unit 1 Exploring Life: Introducing Biology
Chapter 1 The Scope of Biology
Chapter 2 The Science of Biology
Chapter 3 The Process of Science: Studying Animal Behavior

Unit 2 Exploring Cells
Chapter 4 The Chemical Basis of Life
Chapter 5 The Molecules of Life
Chapter 6 A Tour of the Cell
Chapter 7 The Working Cell: Energy from Food
Chapter 8 The Working Cell: Energy from Sunlight

Unit 3 Exploring Inheritance
Chapter 9 The Cellular Basis of Inheritance
Chapter 10 Patterns of Inheritance
Chapter 11 DNA and the Language of Life
Chapter 12 Human Genetics
Chapter 13 Frontiers of Genetics

Unit 4 Exploring the History of Life
Chapter 14 Evolution: A History and a Process
Chapter 15 Origins of Biological Diversity

Unit 5 Exploring the Microbial World
Chapter 16 Prokaryotes and Viruses
Chapter 17 Protists
Chapter 18 Fungi

Unit 6 Exploring Plants
Chapter 19 Plant Diversity
Chapter 20 The Life of a Flowering Plant
Chapter 21 Plant Nutrition and Transport
Chapter 22 Control Systems in Plants

Unit 7 Exploring Animal Diversity
Chapter 23 Invertebrate Diversity
Chapter 24 A Closer Look at Arthropods
Chapter 25 Vertebrates: Fishes and Amphibians
Chapter 26 Vertebrates: Reptiles, Birds, and Mammals

Unit 8 Exploring Human Structure and Function
Chapter 27 The Human Organism: An Overview
Chapter 28 The Nervous System
Chapter 29 Nutrition and Digestion
Chapter 30 The Circulatory and Respiratory Systems
Chapter 31 The Body's Defense System
Chapter 32 Regulation of the Internal Environment
Chapter 33 Reproduction and Development

Unit 9 Exploring Ecology
Chapter 34 The Biosphere
Chapter 35 Population and Community Ecology
Chapter 36 Ecosystems and Conservation Biology

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